March 22, 2010

Griya Nazili is a shop house which provides clothes, paintings and handy craft, consumer goods, and frozen foods.

Our boutique collections provide clothes for men, women and children. The products were made based on the latest fashion design. We also have export quality cloths with cheap prices.

Paintings and handy craft are currently on SALE!!

Our consumer goods are supported by a multinational company, Amway. We provide nutrition, cosmetics, bath & body care, and homecare. We believe that Amway products are high quality and good guaranty with well sophistication. Customers are free to purchase directly or simply join in Amway membership which will provide more values and discounts benefits.

We also sell assorted frozen foods such as: seafood products, bumbu pecel (peanut based salad dressing), roti mariam (Arabian pancake), and Indonesian traditional snacks (lumpia, pastel, risoles, sambosa, donat).

For our products overview and information just visit us at http://nazili.multiply.com/

We receive order by email: griyanazili@yahoo.com

FREE delivery order for Surabaya based and 50% delivery discount for domestic and overseas.